Wednesday, April 14, 2010

don't say goodbye, this is more like a see you later!

i'm going to have to give a little farewell for a while.

it's another one of those times, but for good reasons....

first, i'm moving back to texas!

second, i have a huge day ahead of me.....

third, i just need to take some time away from my blog and just be me again. i'm sure after the stress of moving and graduation are over i'll be ready to come back, but right now i can't really dedicate everything that i want to be into this blog.

so for those of you who have stuck by my side this past year, thanks! i hope you will still be here when i'm fully back on my feet. if not, i'll just start all over and build myself up.

maybe i shouldn't call this a farewell. let's just call it a hiatus!

xoxo yours truly :)